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Hey there! I'm Bill, a versatile aficionado navigating the exciting realms of data science, machine learning, and the captivating universe of networks. Wearing multiple hats – researcher, educator, and more – my true calling lies in the world of network science and graph machine learning. Over the years, I've led exhilarating network and graph research endeavors that bridge the gap between academia and industry. My passion? Developing cutting-edge graph-related technologies that crack real-world puzzles across biomedicine, social networks, recommendation systems, and beyond.

My academic journey led me to a PhD in Applied Math from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I immersed myself in unraveling the mysteries of complex networks and computational social science. The fruits of my labor have proudly adorned the pages of esteemed academic journals and conferences like PNAS, Nature Communications, ICML, and NeurIPS. My work has also caught the eye of influential publications such as Nature, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, VICE, and more.

Currently, I wield my expertise as the innovative Chief Technology Officer at Pond, architecting the foundational model and AI for blockchains, sculpting the future of this groundbreaking technology. Beyond these roles, I take pride in organizing and chairing sessions at various conferences and contributing as an editor for esteemed academic journals.

But for me, this journey is more than just pushing scientific boundaries; it's about infusing magic into technology, turning possibilities into realities, and nurturing curiosity in every project I undertake. Join me as I continue to forge new paths and redefine the very essence of innovation.